Ursula’s Story

My Health visitor told me about the Lose the Blues group in Hillsborough after I had my baby. He was 3 or 4 months old and not sleeping well and I was struggling with coping with sleep deprivation. I am a physiotherapist so I was used to being always in control and organised but I was having to learn on the spot.

I went to the group when it had just started, I was the only one there and that first time I just burst into tears. I needed to accept some help but needed a push. I didn’t know about Home-Start but everyone was so nice. Jo told me about Home-Start volunteers and asked me what kind of support I’d like at home and what kind of person I’d like I said I’d like someone like Jackie who was a lovely volunteer at the group, as it happened Jackie was available and started to visit me every week.

Jackie was someone to talk to or look after Ed while I did some chores, she would often take him out for a walk for a couple of hours and I would go to bed or have a bath and just feel a bit more normal for a few hours and I would really look forward to it. After a few months things got easier so I rang and said I don’t think I need you anymore but she assured me that that was what Home-Start are supposed to do! I still go to the group on a Tuesday and have made some really good friends. I still have some bad nights and feel I can’t cope or stressed. Meeting other mums reassured me that it wasn’t only me and that other babies have sleep problems.

The health visitor is great but can make you feel like you’re being tested and I always felt I had to do my hair and put lipstick on. At Lose the blues you can be yourself and know you won’t be judged.

It’s nice to know Home-Start is there if I chose to have another baby!