Tricia’s story

I don’t have any family in Sheffield or friends who could babysit and felt isolated my husband works away and I was 40 when I had my baby.

I struggled with the idea of accepting help because I have been a volunteer and am used to helping others but I had to grit my teeth a bit and start going to the local Sure Start but I did find it difficult to mix with other mums.

We were having a lot of building work done so I couldn’t go out for some time while the builders were in. Having a volunteer was like having a part of the outside world for me! She would play with my baby so I could get some jobs and DIY done – it was a god send!

Things are a bit better now – I have a very good friend locally whose child is the same age as mine and although we don’t see each other as often as we’d like we keep in touch. My child is going to the local nursery for short sessions and I am enjoying spending time with her doing cake decorating and other things whilst working occasionally and managing the on-going work at the house. It is stressful but I have learned to let go a little bit now.