Megan’s story

I went into depression and couldn’t cope with my son who is nearly 3 years old and I needed help.

Sarah is my support worker at Home-Start and my son loves her, we both want her to stay until he’s 16!

Sarah has done a lot for me. I have to go to a lot of meetings and appointments and Sarah has come with me and explained things, she will speak for me and stick up for me because I’m quiet.

She’s there for me once a week and will swap days for when I have my appointments.

I’m doing OK now Sarah has helped me to access counselling and given me info about courses I can do. I would like to get into youth work and help kids with anger issues because I can relate to them. Sarah has told me that I could start by doing voluntary work and I’d really like to.

Home-Start is right good and helps a lot of people.