Independent Visitors Project – Barnsley

The Independent Visitors Project in Barnsley is run by Home-Start South Yorkshire.

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What is an Independent Visitor? (IV)

An Independent Visitor is an adult who has volunteered to spend time with a young person who is in care.

An independent visitor is there just for the young person, and as the name says, are independent of the local authority, and care providers.

Independent visitors have been chosen because they are trustworthy, friendly, committed to the child or young person’s best interests and have things in common with the young person.

And they know how to have fun!

What does an Independent Visitor do?

 The IV will meet with the same child or young person once a month and take them out on visits away from the care setting.

You and your young person can choose a fun activity, working within a set budget.

Enjoying positive activities together helps to build trust, confidence and boost self-esteem for the young person.

You will visit for as long as the young person wants you to, or until their 18th birthday.


How do we recruit IV volunteers?

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, particularly male volunteers, aged 18 and above.

Volunteers don’t need to have specific qualifications or experience, but will need to be able to relate well to children and know how to have fun!

A full Induction course is provided.

We always ask our volunteers to commit to a long term involvement with a young person.

What volunteers say about the service:

“We are one of the few people the children see on a regular basis that is not paid to look after them. We give the children a fun break from everything else that is going in in their lives”

And one young person:

“Me and my IV are really good friends. I trust her with everything. She has helped me build my confidence up, she’s helped me with school work and helped me be more independent.”

If you would like to speak to a coordinator about making a referral for a young person…

Phone us on: 01226 245985

Email at:

Or Complete a Referral for the IV Project  iv-referral-form-v3-0